December 7, 2022

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Global Sevilla’s High-End Standard International School Jakarta Facilities To Keep In Mind

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Facilities support the school and its students to learn better. That is the reason why every education institute needs the best facilities to offer. This is a great indication of why people start to prefer international school Jakarta. Among many, Global Sevilla is the choice you can take. Why and what kind of facilities the school has to offer? here are things to note.

Well-Equipped Laboratories

With a thorough kindergarten to high schooler academic level, laboratories become one of the main components of the school. Laboratories are where the students learn many things for physics, biology, or chemistry subjects. It is a facility every academic level will need to have, especially for primary school to grade 12 students for the A Level Examination.

To make it safe and proper, Global Sevilla also has a science laboratory assistant. The purpose is to help in preparing the chemical and apparatus (from the burner, figure, jar, to microscope) needed by the students and their teachers. The assistant also keeps everything safe, ensuring no students recklessly play around with dangerous substances in the room.

Outdoor And Indoor Sports

One of the basic student and children’s development is motoric. To support the International School Jakarta’s education, Global Sevilla has provided their sports areas both indoor and outdoor. The field is also varying, making it possible to handle various sports. Some of them are basketball, gym, swimming pool, and mini soccer field.

Sensory Room And Playground

The younger students also have equal treatment from the school. Since the children need save and fun areas, the school provide a special sensory room for toddler and kindergarten class. The kindergarten school also shares its highly maintained outdoor playground, build to enhance physical and social skills in the most fun and attractive ways.

Spacious Open Spaces   

Despite being less subject-related function, spacious open spaces and greenies around the school make Global Sevilla the best place to study. The International School Jakarta has its open space to create a brighter, cool, and silent surrounding. The wide space also provides a shady surrounding which helps create a more comfortable place to study.

School facilities have a pivotal role in learning and teaching. Not only as support education but also as a place for students to enjoy. Global Sevilla sure has its mind for providing the best education and learning with its international standard facilities. They got the needed labs, sports area, playground, open spaces, and a positive classroom. Don’t pick the wrong one, always consider Global Sevilla as the best school.

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