Tips to Travel to Singapore and Stay in Shangri-La Hotel with Low Budget

One of the reasons why some tourists prefer to go to Singapore is Shangri-La Hotel. That is a hotel that has a classic building. Many rooms are suitable for family trips, solo trips, or business agendas.

What about the price? Of course, the price is affordable and worth it. But, there are some tips if you want to travel on a lower budget.

Pick a Room That Has Lowest Rate

Many various rooms that you can choose as a guest. But, the price is different because of the capacity and many other factors.

If you are a solo traveler or business traveler, choose the lowest rate of the room. Even if you select the lowest price of the room, the facilities in Shangri-La Hotel are very reliable.

So, you do not need to worry about the facilities. There are some facilities that all guests can get. For example, minibar and coffee or tea maker. It is very important if you want to save more money. There will be cheaper if you drink coffee that you make by yourself, rather than a coffee that you buy.

It is not only about hot beverages, but also cold ones. There is a refrigerator that you can use. Many kinds of soft drinks are more expensive if you buy them with ice. But if you use a fridge in your room, the price will be a bit cheaper. Safe some cents for many times is beneficial somehow. That is what you need to do.

Reserve a Package That Including Breakfast

Why do you suppose to do that? Because it will cut your meals budget. You can order a brunch too. So you can cut two meals budget. But, if you like to have three meals a day, in the afternoon, you can eat outside while going to many travel destinations. And in the evening, you can take an a la carte dinner in the restaurant.

There are some options for you to take many kinds of cheap food. For example, if you go to Chinatown or near a stadium, some vendors sell cheap street food. It is delicious. Some are bargainable. You can go to the shop near the hotel and see if there are some discounts.

Bring Only a Few Clothes

Luggage is also a problem when you go abroad. There is some tourist that has to pay very expensively because they bring to many pieces of luggage. What you have to do is bring only a few clothes that you need. You do not need to carry a coat, because Singapore is a tropical country. You only need to bring some T-shirts, pants, and formal clothes if you are on a business trip.

Those are some tips that you can get as a smart traveler. Make sure to use the discounts and promos if available. It will make your bills cheaper and you can have a cheap staycation.